What to Expect

Your First Visit


What to Expect

By the time you arrive at our office, you would have talked to Jade or Val and been instructed how to download our entrance forms and have filled these out. These forms contain questions that provide us with an initial in depth overview of your present and past health history.

Your first visit is a special longer time appointment, where there will be plenty of time for you and the doctor to Consult  and have the opportunity to fully explain your conditions and ensure the doctor fully understands your case.

Next the doctor will Assess your Nerve Function utilizing the most modern computer scans of your nervous system (for further information please visit the “Our Equipment” page). These allow an in depth study of how much your stresses are influencing and upsetting your nerve function. These scans are totally non-invasive, safe, and painless.

Then we perform a full Physical assessment in order to assess your posture, your spinal movement and balance, your muscle function and various aspects of nervous system function.

Finally you will receive your first Chiropractic Adjustment. This will begin your journey to reduce and release various blocks that are affecting the function and flow of your nervous system and thus body function overall.

Your Second Visit

Your second visit to the office is also a longer time visit. There is time set aside in order to sit with the doctor as he takes you through the results of your examination and nerve scans. The doctor will explain what all this means in your individual case and will lay out a treatment schedule suited to allow your body to begin to release the stuck nerve blocks and stresses, thereby allowing your body to begin making positive changes toward better function.


As you move through your care and positive changes begin, it is wise to take the time to periodically re-assess everything. These re-examination appointments are longer time sessions where all the initial tests and scan are redone. This allows the doctor to see how your body is responding on deeper levels of healing and takes away having to rely on surface symptoms only, which are often unreliable. The results of these tests will be discussed with you and further treatment schedule will be laid out for you.

We pride ourselves in totally engaging with the patient through the time in our office and allowing them to know and fully understand everything about their care.