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Chronic Pain

Although we love working with and helping people of all ages with so many different conditions and health issues, we have a special interest in working with people with chronic health challenges.

With our combined 70 years in active practice, we have experienced thousands of different health challenges with our patients. It never fails to amaze us: the body never forgets how to function fully and properly. Your body has an amazing ability to move to a better place of health and function when given a chance, when interference to control and function are reduced or cleared.


This isn't to say that all long term dysfunction and degeneration is reversible. But we have seen again and again that when you improve function, motion, and nerve flow in the problem area and surrounding areas, the body will be able to adapt or compensate better for the things that can’t change and overall do a better job, with less pain and dysfunction. This may have to be supported with ongoing care to help someone enjoy a more active and happier lifestyle.

If you are feeling stuck in poor well-being and have tried “everything”, please know that change is possible. A consultation and exam in our office will allow us to see how much change is possible for you. There is hope and support along the way. It may take some time and commitment but you never know what amazing things are possible. We get to see this over and over.

With Torque Release technique, we are able to work with people of all ages and all health levels.

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