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About Us

Meet Our Doctors

"Between us, we have nearly 70 years of practice experience, and after all these years we still love what we do."

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Dr. Misty Watson
Dr. Randy Kerr

I always say that I didn’t choose to become a chiropractor; chiropractic found me, and it has been my great joy to help my patients lead healthier lives since going into practice in 1998. I believe that it is never too early or too late to benefit from chiropractic care, and I witness the benefits in .....

My chiropractic journey began before I can even remember: my mother received care from a chiropractor when I was still in the womb, which helped her deliver me, large baby, with little difficulty. It wouldn’t be until a few years later that chiropractic entered...

Our Philosophy

Health is an inside job. We’re here to help.
– Dr. Randy & Dr. Misty –

Health comes from the inside out; it’s an inside job. You are at your healthiest when your body runs efficiently and flows well with the demands of your daily life.

The nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. It also processes every single event that happens in your life, all day, every day. Some of these events are routine, but many are stressful. This happens on an ongoing basis from the day we are born.

We run into trouble when the stressful events overload the nervous system. When this happens you develop stress and tension in your nervous system and in your body. Over time, this becomes an obstacle to you enjoying a state of optimal health.

We share a common belief that the body never forgets how to function perfectly. Everyone has the potential to enjoy an active, vibrant and healthy life. We work to identify and release tension in the nervous system so that your body can begin to find its way back to a healthier state.

Torque  Release

Torque Release

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