Our Technique: Torque Release

Our TechniqueWhether you decide to visit as a result of pain, a chronic health issue, or simply for health and well-being, chiropractic adjustments can help your body tune in to its own natural rhythms and the unique demands of your life.

Our doctors use Torque Release Technique as the primary method of adjustment.  The spinal cord is much like a guitar string in that it is anchored at the top and bottom of the spine.  If that string has proper tone, or tension, it plays the perfect notes and the nervous system operates in harmony with the body and the world around it.  This allows the body to play in tune and express health and vitality.

The Torque Release method detects and corrects nervous system tension between the spinal cord and the spine. Torque Release is an instrument-based technique whereby adjustments are done using an instrument called an Integrator rather than by hand.

When the body is subjected to an overload of physical, chemical or emotional stressors the attachments between the spinal cord and the spine can develop abnormal tension or torsion.  Torque Release technique finds these areas of tension in the spinal cord and corrects them. Plus, the benefits continue when a patient gets off the table, and the body continues to heal as the spinal cord returns to a more optimal degree of tone and tension, bringing the body into better balance.