A friend suggested that Dr. Misty might be able to help me find relief from ongoing discomfort in my left leg. My general health was good but I had had problems with my back and legs. With care, here at Island Family Chiropractic, my leg pain decreased and I now have a better sense of general well-being. I have started to take better care of my body through exercise and stretching. This care has encouraged me to pay attention to how my lifestyle behavior affects my physical well-being, and to act appropriately to try and correct the things I do that are harmful to my health. I think people have a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic care and I would urge them to read or talk to someone they trust. Find out more about how everything in our bodies is connected.



My wife was a patient of Dr. Randy and she insisted I go to see him for care. Dr. Randy, Torque Release care basically rescued my sculpting career. It literally got me off the floor of my studio and allowed me to complete some large-scale sculptural projects. I was a desperate skeptic who found it difficult to imagine how little adjustments along my neck and back were going to help. Then the coup de gras was how quickly and fully I recovered from a fully reconstructed knee thanks to your ongoing care. I am so glad you put your intuitive and creative skill into helping people. Thank you so much.

D. W.


I came to Island Family Chiropractic as my oldest child seemed to be having issues with his pelvis. I also had recently had a second, very large baby and my body was struggling to cope. My baby was not sleeping well & was such a big guy that he was having trouble moving around safely and was always falling down. With care, I noticed less pain in my shoulder and pelvis, as well as more general things like sleeping better, more energy, sick less often, better overall function and was using less medication. Being a chiropractic patient has improved our dispositions and my children’s and my abilities to cope with stress both emotionally and physically.

I had never thought much about chiropractic care and did not give it much credibility. I thought it was a bit flaky and perhaps even dangerous. Then I got pregnant with my second child and I became so desperate that I took my midwife’s recommendation to see a chiropractor. Not to be dramatic, but it honestly did change my life! After my first visit with a chiropractor who did not manually adjust but used a tool like Dr. Misty does, I was nearly pain free. It helped me to cope with my pregnancy/home birth/postpartum time. Now my entire family (including baby) sees her regularly and are happier and healthier for it.
We love Dr. Misty!



Dr. Randy has been an amazing help to me. I came in with various spinal complaints which he so well assessed and treated at the level of cause, not just pain as he always stresses. These cleared with care and there were other benefits such as more energy and clarity overall. I now have regular check-ups to keep things open and flowing. I would recommend his special care to anyone.

S. H.



I first came to to Island Family Chiropractic following a car accident which produced back pain for me and my daughter. Prior to coming to the office we were a pretty healthy group as we make health a priority in our lives. Although, once we were scanned, there was some stresses I was unaware of. Since care I have more mobility for sure. My back pain has become somewhat manageable or at least bearable. I am now more aware of my daughter’s body, stressor’s, diet and all. My posture has improved and general health improved also.

Before seeing Dr. Misty, chiropractic work always seemed so harsh to me. Now seeing how gentle it really is, it’s such a useful tool towards better health. I am always shocked at just how positive the outcomes have been. For anyone considering chiropractic care at Island Family Chiropractic, just understand how gentle and informative it is. I have learned so much about me and my daughter’s bodies. It has offered a completely different insight into our well-beings.



I  first came to Island Family Chiropractic because my lower back was spasming and I could barely function for the second time in 6 months. Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Randy, my lower back pain has disappeared completely. My mood has also greatly improved, and my stress levels have gone way down. My right hip was always uncomfortable to lie on since my second child, and that has now gone, so I can sleep on both sides. I feel physically and mentally stronger and experience greater peace and joy in life. This type of chiropractic care is so gentle and non-invasive. The whole team of staff at Island Family takes care of you in such a wonderful way.