September Healthy Living Newsletter

Welcome September!! After a beautiful summer, it feels wonderful to know that we will soon be settling in to some cozy west coast days.

We are SO excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook page. Even if you have visited it in the past, we invite you to stop in again and see some of the amazing resources that we have for you there.

You’ll find a link to the Doctor’s Resource, which is the most comprehensive database of health information on the internet. Everything from prescription drug interactions, to homeopathy, great recipes, and general health information is at your fingertips. There is also a link to the radio interview that Dr. Misty and Dr. Randy recently did for Health News, a popular weekly program that airs in the northeastern United States. And you can also get our free e-book via our page. You’ll find regular posts of our new Weekly Health Tips (also on our homepage).

Please “like” Island Family Chiropractic on Facebook so that you receive all of our posts and access these valuable health resources as we work hard to become your source for everything health. We will enter everyone who “likes” us on Facebook by October 15th into a draw to win some really amazing prizes!

Have a read through our September newsletter to learn some interesting new facts and helpful information on healthy living:

Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter- September Edition

Yours in Health,

Dr. Misty, Dr. Randy, Jade and Melanie