Moms & Babes

Chiropractic Care: A Beautiful Addition to Prenatal Care


Moms and Babes

Pregnancy and birth need our respect. They are not disease conditions that need to be managed; they are a precious and transformative time in a woman’s life. Our office works closely with midwives and doulas to help expectant mothers enjoy healthy pregnancies. We also support our patients in making health care decisions for their pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum period.

The nervous system works overtime during pregnancy to nourish a rapidly growing baby and help a mother’s body adapt to the physical changes that take place in the months leading up to delivery. That’s why it’s essential that a mother do everything she can to ensure her body is a healthy place for her growing baby. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help women enjoy healthier pregnancies – and even help contribute to safer births.

Adjustments during pregnancy can also help the body adapt to the structural changes that must take place as the baby grows. The uterus attaches to the pelvis through ligaments, and any imbalances that a woman has in her pelvis or her spine before pregnancy become exacerbated by the physical stress and rapid changes that take place during the prenatal period. A balanced nervous system and properly aligned pelvis ensure that the baby is given as much space as possible to move, to grow, and to move into an optimal position for labour and delivery. In cases where a baby is not ideally positioned in the last few weeks of pregnancy, adjustments can be done to take stress off the ligaments that support the uterus and encourage the baby to assume a more optimal position for a healthy labour and delivery.


Chiropractic for Growing Children

Chiropractic Care For Children In Victoria

Healthy children tend to live healthier lives overall. That’s why we believe in providing chiropractic care to patients as young as a few days old. Childhood is a time of rapid neurological change; adjustments help growing bodies adapt to those changes by establishing healthy neurological pathways. For children, this can mean stronger immune systems, less discomfort as a result of growth spurts and better overall health and development. Come discover how chiropractic care can contribute to greater health and well-being for your entire family.