May Issue 1- Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter

male-nerve-systemWe love using Torque Release in the office. It allows us to be able to read a person’s spine and nervous system, finding underlying areas of stress or tension that literally are stuck. These areas of stress or tension literally force our spines to make physical changes and shifts to compensate so that we can continue to function. Over time, these shifts and changes produce restrictions in our motion, tensions in the underlying muscles and a weakened or abnormal flow of the messages through our nerves which control our body.

By adjusting these blocks of stress and tension, we open up the spine to be able to return to a full and natural movement and flow. This makes for a much happier, relaxed, enjoyable body in which to live and experience life. Simple, really!

Thanks for letting us be part of your healthcare. We appreciate you!
Please enjoy our May Issue 1 Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter

Yours in Health,

Dr. Misty, Dr. Randy, Jade and Melanie