March Issue 1 – Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter

Welcome to March!

It has been a very exciting month with some of the results that we have seen with our patients, and these folks only arrived at Island Family Chiropractic because you told them about us. And so, we want to give our patients a very big and special THANK YOU for your referrals during the month of February. We often hear you tell us that when you tell someone about us they might say, “oh, I don’t use chiropractors”, or something along these lines. And people don’t always come right away after they learn about us. But people do listen to their friends, and value their recommendations and sometimes we have the privilege of seeing some truly amazing results when people do finally make up their minds to come and see us. You will start to see some even more exciting cases from us starting with this issue of the newsletter so you can learn more about the different people who are finding help in our office.

Please enjoy our latest Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter- March Edition 1

Yours in Health,

Dr. Misty, Dr. Randy, Jade and Melanie