June Issue 2- Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter

 Here we are, nearly in July! With everything around us growing and green, we feel better. This is why summer is a great time to commit to your health and healing (or re-commit if you’ve fallen off your routines or need to make new ones). Changes to your diet, increased activity levels, a cleanse, relaxation or meditation… all these positive life shifts are easier when the world around us is sunny and summery.summer-exercise-couple

Get into some good routines now and keep them going through the summer, and they’ll stay more naturally in your daily routine come the fall when things aren’t quite so sunny and the days get shorter. As always, keeping your adjustments on track will support any changes you’re making, and we are always here to answer questions and provide resources to help you on your way.

We look forward to seeing you this month, and will enjoy hearing about the things you’re doing to improve your health and well-being.

Enjoy our June Issue 2- Healthy Living Chiropractic Newletter

Yours in Health,

Dr. Misty, Dr. Randy, Jade and Melanie