Healthy Living Newsletter – January 2017

Welcome to 2017! As we start a whole new year, we have a question for you: When did you last see JOY? Our question is both literal and abstract. You see, JOY has gone missing from our bathroom wall. We’ve had a picture of JOY hanging there for many years, and at some point over the holidays, JOY went missing. This is interesting, because we noticed this year through December that JOY had gone missing from many folks’ spirits as well. At some point, the holidays became more about running, and rushing, and seeing, and doing than about being in a state of JOY at a very precious time of year.

Hence the question as we start our year: When did you last see JOY, experience JOY, witness JOY in your own life? How do you experience your life on a daily basis? Is there JOY, or is there stress? Is there JOY, or is there disappointment, disillusionment, lack of fulfillment? We are working on increasing our own JOY quotient this year, and so we’ve started with a newsletter packed full of articles to help you explore where you are at in your internal space. We’re asking you to think (and feel) hard about where you are today, and where you’d like to be a year from now. We’ll be asking you to answer that question on the white boards in the office this month, and we’ll share the answers on our Facebook page and in our next newsletter

One of our friends suggested that when JOY disappeared from the bathroom wall that this was a happy thing, because someone had taken our old JOY and opened up the possibility of new JOY for us. Have fun unwrapping this new year, and exploring its possibilities. We look forward to being along for the ride with you as you expand your JOY quotient in the months ahead!

Please enjoy our January Healthy Living Newsletter.

Yours in health,

Dr. Misty and Dr. Randy, Jade, Joann & Diane