Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter – October


Well, here it is in October! A great time of year even though we are moving out of one of the best summers we’ve hadSunrise-in-Mayors-Grove in years. The temperatures are fresher and the “tap” has been turned back on with rain returning. However, it can be very nice to move out of the busy, high activity “yang” time and into somewhat quieter, more indoor “yin” time. We love our newsletter, but we have had suggestions that one issue per month would be better in these days of full inboxes.  We’re giving it a try, and so you’ll find this issue a little longer than usual, but we know you’ll enjoy our great content all the way to the end.  Have a wonderful October!

Please enjoy our October Healthy Living Newsletter

Yours In Health,
Dr. Misty, Dr. Randy, Jade & Mel